Original Hallways: Decoration Ideas 2021


The hall is the first space that any guest sees when entering a house, it is the first impression that is made and it is usually the one that prevails. Therefore, today we are going to see ideas of original hallways, and tricks to decorate them like the professionals.

Most people focus on dressing the living room, the bedrooms, the terrace, but neglect the entrance. And the funny thing is that being the smallest space in the house is one of the cheapest. With little money you can do great things with current styles.

First of all, when we get down to work, you have to take into account certain factors that will influence the design, such as the size, lighting and shape of the entrance to your house. Depending on these elements you can work on its setting.

Ideas to decorate beautiful and original hallways

-In general, home entrances are small, however, whatever the size of your hall, there are many ideas to decorate original entrances. You just have to have a little creativity and give way to imagination.

-For example, an idea that will look very pretty and give a delicate touch is to place a plant with your favorite flowers in a modern and striking vase.

-Another option is to place shelves on the wall, on which you can put ornaments, picture frames, flowers or any figure to your liking. The tables are a good idea for a functional hall, with a simple decoration you will have a simple but modern hall.

-Within your decoration you can also place a coat rack to hang coats, hats, bags and other accessories, while you combine them with other appropriate furniture.

-You can also choose to put floor lamps that allow better lighting, in the case of not having windows or any form of natural light.

-If you have enough space, you can place one or two small sofas or chairs with a table, so you will have a mini room in which to receive your guests from the entrance.

Original hallways with mirrors

Putting mirrors as decoration in the different places of a home is quite common. The entrances are a great part to add, as it will give it a very modern, elegant touch and of course it will expand the feeling of space.

Mirrors in original modern hallways are one of the most important keys, apart from making it look bigger, we need them to look at ourselves before leaving home.

Original vintage receivers

If you like the vintage style you are in luck, because as it is fashionable there are a lot of options in stores. In this case, the hallways have to be, above all, made of rustic-style wood, which appear to be recycled, from old and salvaged pieces.

Here you can choose if you like it more refined, or more rustic. Although if you have been looking at the photos, most designers include aged furniture in their projects, so it is a bit free, you can put mixed pieces from different periods and vintage styles.

Tables and photographs

This idea is very beautiful and personal, as well as giving you many possibilities. If you like the classic you can hang pictures of the family, if you like the modern you can hang pictures of contemporary art.

If you want to give it a personal touch without falling into the classic, you can hang photos of your travels. They are a great idea as a topic of conversation, photos that you have taken of cosmopolitan cities or remote landscapes.

Original hall furniture

Here the entries with a somewhat larger size give more play, the more space, the more possibilities there are. However, there are furniture of many sizes, shapes and designs so that you can create original and beautiful entrances.

Also, you can play with the materials from which they are made and contrast with the colors and the rest of the accessories that you decide to put on. Your furniture can be used to place books, ornaments, souvenirs, mirrors, vases and can even have built-in hangers for your keys.

Conforama hallways

I like this store because it has beautiful furniture at very reasonable prices. The conforama zurich hall combines very well all the needs of a small entryway.

It has a mirror, hangers to hang the coats with a small shelf at the top, perfect if you do not want the children to reach something. And a shoe rack with drawers and space to put some decoration.

There are thousands of different ideas that you can put into practice for the decoration of original entrances and hallways, everything will depend on your tastes, preferences, and the style you want to give your home.


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