Original ideas to creatively recycle broken glasses and mugs


Surely it will have happened to anyone to break or chip a glass or a cup. Sometimes, by sweeping away the shards, we may also have felt sorry for having broken an old family memory or in any case an object to which we were linked for any reason.

Obviously, when it happens, we don’t even have the idea of being able to glue it and use it again for drinking. As it also happens with cracked or chipped glasses, often thrown away for fear that they might give way at any moment, hurting someone.

Let’s find out 10 ideas to creatively recycle broken glasses and mugs!

Candle holder

For this idea of recycling we will not need anything special and we will create fantastic centerpieces for any eventuality! Often when a glass is broken the base remains intact, breaking only the part on which we rest our lips. We keep two or three bases of different sizes and paint them with an anti-scratch paint, thicker than the normal one and which therefore avoids the problem of any cuts in case they were touched. Then insert a candle inside and that’s it!

Center table

In case a glass of wine breaks then we could create an even more beautiful centerpiece for a candle! First of all, let’s take care to understand if the break in the glass is repairable, then proceed to glue it to regain its original shape. We could also decide to paint it to cover any glue, perhaps creating a particular pattern. Then just insert a candle and some petals inside, to be replaced every now and then when they are too dry.

Photo frame

Decorating photo frames is a trick that almost all of us learned in elementary school when creating little objects to give to families on some occasions. Let’s dust off those old teachings and apply them to broken glasses and mugs! By taking advantage of the decorations that are generally present on the cups, we will also be able to create new designs to embellish the frames. We could also start from scratch, having a frame made to measure from raw wood and decorating it as we like!

Pen holder

One of the simplest decorative objects ever to create is a pen holder, using a chipped cup, perhaps we are particularly attached to! We could just keep it that way, with its original designs or repaint it in a whole new way. Alternatively, we could glue on some colored ribbons or images that we have printed, in short, let’s indulge ourselves! Nothing prevents us from gluing on the surface some shards of other cups or glasses.

Small vases

Chipped mugs will come in handy for this idea, even broken ones might be fine as long as you can still glue them. First of all, let’s decorate them with a little paint, in the way that suits us best. Fill the broken cups with a little earth and pour some flowers or succulents into it that do not require large spaces to grow. By filling them with water, however, we could also grow some aquatic plants, similar to those you put in aquariums! The result we will get will be really beautiful!

Decorative flower

For this last project we will only need the base and stem of a goblet, without a cup, a polystyrene ball and some fake flowers! We fix the polystyrene sphere above the base, inserting it for a few centimeters. If necessary, let’s secure it with a thread of hot glue, but it is not essential. We then take the fake flowers and cut off the stems, leaving only a few centimeters from the flower. With a little delicacy, we secure all the flowers inside the polystyrene sphere until it is completely gone! We will have obtained a colored ball of flowers to place wherever we want in the house!

Vase for outdoors

It may be that we have an earthenware or stone vase in the house, quite large ones. Why not embellish it by helping us with the broken shards? The procedure is quite simple and even in this case the only limit is our imagination! First of all, it was necessary to repaint the vase, then with hot glue we glue the shards we have selected. They will create beautiful plays of light and color, placing them on the terrace will also help to keep the pigeons away thanks to the reflections.

Colorful mosaic

To reuse broken glasses and mugs we could create a bright and colorful mosaic. It is not difficult at all and the result depends only on our imagination, or that of our children! Obviously if we had colored shards available the result would be better, instead of only with the classic transparent glasses. As a basis we could opt for a piece of wood or plywood not too thick, then help us with hot glue the game will soon be done!

Christmas decorations

The shards can be useful even in the most magical moment of the year, Christmas! In fact, on this occasion it is customary to decorate the house and if we wanted to do it in an innovative way, we are satisfied! We could glue the glass and ceramic pieces on top of some old tree balls that we don’t like anymore, in order to give them new colors and reflections thanks to the lights! Alternatively, if we had one of those balls that can be opened halfway, we could insert some shards inside that will give life to even different light games!

Wind chimes

When we have a good amount of shards aside, both glass and ceramic, we could create a jew’s harp quite simply. Paying a lot of attention, protecting eyes and hands so as not to get hurt, with a fine-bit drill we make holes on the shards that we want to use. Let’s fix them all on two or three different iron wires, passing them through the holes, and find a base on which to attach them. For this idea of recycling we could also add the pieces of glass found on the beaches, modeled and polished by the sea!


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