+30 romantic room decorations

Romantic room decoration

When you are going to decorate your bedroom, personal taste prevails in the style to choose. The main thing is that it is comfortable and cozy. The room is one of the key rooms in the decoration, that is why we must strive so that the set has a special charm and is cozy. Here are some ideas for decorating romantic rooms.

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day has passed, it’s never too late and it’s not bad either, giving yourself or yourself a romantic night with your partner, and what better option for it than through a romantic bedroom. Enjoy some ideas to remodel, as well as many others that can be created for one night and then removed.

Romantic furniture

Furniture should be the protagonists and the bed the main piece. For the setting, the materials and the architectural design participate seeking harmony in the whole.

You can choose classic and sober furniture. The bed can be an antique piece with high balusters on the feet and headboards with marquetry and metal, as the centerpiece of the decoration. The bed cover can be striped silk combined with the curtains and the floor, to which we can add a carpet. Next to the window, we can put an old desk and complement the decoration with pictures and candle holders.

The bed may be inspired by the draped forms of the 18th century, and accompanied by a canopy with ruched fabric that falls on both sides of the bed. Also, keep in mind that it always plays an important role visually (and comfort obviously), a mattress with the appropriate height, you know that there are many sizes and qualities, in this particular case, memory foam mattresses could lend very well to the image you want to project.

To complete the space, a chest of drawers with golden handles, a trunk, etc … The yellow color of the walls will soften the whole. Lamps can have wrought iron feet, and the quilt would top off the bedroom with a floral print to enhance the contrast. A pine chest of drawers painted in the Louis XVI style, a French mirror and two bedside tables will complete a Romanesque room.

Fabrics and romantic prints

The cheerful prints can be used for bedspreads and curtains, which will give a romantic air to the set.

In the 20th century, four-poster beds have become fashionable for rustic style and hangings with wide canopies. The upholstered canopy in the French style would be the ideal for the romantic style, the upper part can be finished off with a ruffle with the same pattern for the hangings, the tiebacks and the canopy.

If we want to use the style of a country or an era, it is necessary to use elements that define it. For example, placing fabric drops on the bed recreates Empire style. This era favored the hangings with a single point of attachment and later they have become a fashion for classic environments.

Although it is hard to believe, the romantic style began to emerge in Europe, in the 18th century, as a way to break with the classicism and rationalism that dominated the time. Today clearly, this style encompasses a wide range of options, of which many seem to come out of tales of kings and castles, while many others simply refer to a cozy atmosphere.

In this way it is necessary to differentiate one thing from the other. About the first, we can focus on the cover images, where the wall wallpaper, in floral patterns and the carved wooden bed, set a clear trend for the style. They are usually accompanied by a berger, wooden chairs with velvet, chandeliers and chandeliers.

Decorations in romantic rooms

There are plenty of decorations and creative ideas to decorate romantic rooms. From chandeliers, bedspreads with floral prints, embroidered cushions and endless possibilities, which you can find in the images that we show you below.

Candles are the best air freshener, although they can be combined with small aromatic oil burners that add exquisite fragrances to the room. Also, as we can see here, painting the wall in a dark color like purple helps create the perfect climate.


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