Romantic Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Romantic Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Do you love shabby chic style decoration with that bohemian and old air, like careless and casual, that invites you to relax and enjoy yourself? The bedroom is the ideal place to apply it and here you will find all the tips to achieve it.

Shabby chic bedrooms are not really difficult to achieve. Combining the country house style, with vintage, French and / or Scandinavian, adding some rustic elements to the design, you can create something definitely unique and with personality. A style adopted by the bohemian artists of the 80 ′ and popularized in the 90 ′ but which has now re-imposed itself.

Furniture recycling

Fundamentally getting antique furniture and decor in good condition at flea markets, vintage shops, attics, and garage sales. Recycling and reuse is a fantastic thing for your pocket and for the planet. In addition to how satisfying it is to find an old and forgotten piece and give it a new life. That will be the piece that will give originality to your design, therefore it will look like “new” to you.

Forget trying to find old pieces that complement each other, no matter if the headboard and nightstand, dresser, and closet don’t match. Any delicate side table, or antique dresser would be all good options.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many times the quality of these pieces of furniture is much higher than those that are available today in large stores that are sold wholesale, because in general, furniture today is not made to last long. time, but rather to follow trends. So despite their shabby look, that is to say much used, they were probably built with good quality materials that allowed them to endure the rigors of time after having enjoyed in its time all its splendor.

The idea is to notice that the piece is old, to tell us its history through the different layers of paint and the areas worn by time. Sometimes even non-antique furniture is often painted and sanded over the top layers to give it that aged look.


Pure whites as well as faded pastel colors are favorites. Often the fabrics are stained with tea to give it the look of old cloth. Neutral colors such as sky blue, pink and pink beige tones are the most used.

Think of complementary colors like pink and sage green for example. Bleached or faded cotton or linen fabrics that have faded are best applied to this style.

Decoration accessories

To achieve that relaxed, feminine vibe of soft, romantic style that looks so comfortable and inviting, surround yourself with pillows and cushions of different sizes and designs. Other decorative items are: vintage clothing, chenille bedspreads, antique chandeliers, and anything with roses in the design.

In summary try to balance the used with the chic, no matter the order, or stick to a single style, you can mix Louis XV with wrought iron, the important thing is that it looks very comfortable and cozy. Wood, a variety of natural fabrics, many pillows of different sizes and a good duvet, everything that helps you create that luxurious but casual and extremely relaxed atmosphere.


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