Rustic bathrooms: 15 images of design and decoration

Rustic bathrooms: 15 images of design and decoration

The rustic style is an excellent option since this style can turn the bathroom into a warm oasis of relaxation and comfort. It is one of the trends that is being used the most today. Take a look at these photos and rustic bathroom decoration ideas that we will show you below.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most expensive spaces to renovate in the house, to the point that it can be a primary factor in the sale or not of it. New homeowners are always looking for homes that don’t need too much remodeling, so bathroom condition can be a big factor in resale value. If you think about remodeling, think about what works for your family, as well as other possible future buyers. Today, bathrooms with two sinks and enclosed (or separate) showers are the most popular. Large tubs and good storage for towels and beauty supplies are also other important factors.

Rustic bathroom walls

Keep in mind that the use of recycled materials, vintage and some industrial elements can create the perfect environment. You can cover part of the walls with reclaimed wood planks or ceramics that simulate the texture of the wood.

Rustic walls, either in brick, stone or wood.

Countertops and sinks

Wooden countertops are very fashionable.

The taps play an important role in the rustic style and the sinks like the one in the image are very common, as well as the containers made of that material, which appears to be an aluminum alloy. Or use an old bucket as a sink, achieving a chic touch.

The concept of rustic nowadays has changed a lot, making almost any environment dominated by construction and decoration based on wood, be so named. You can also insert modern elements, such as glass sinks, which achieve a very interesting contrast with rustic elements.


The raw boards around the bathtub leave a very rustic touch, accompanied by a cotton curtain, imitating an old style. The door frames covered with wood rolls give it an exceptional rustic distinction.

Matching rugs and curtains, and raw woods.

This is a warm, cozy bathroom that plays a lot with the color and shape of the walls to give it a touch of rusticity.

Rustic and industrial, dichromatic bathroom, using the bathtub, exterior pipes and wooden floors and rustic white walls that convey harmony to anyone who wants to take a bath.

This is a rustic bathroom, with a rural touch, both the old mosquito net door closet and the curtains that surround the entire tub hanging from an iron ring, give this bathroom the simplicity and elegance of any rustic bathroom.

Mixing industrial elements with wood you will maintain a modern but warm and cozy style. You can also add some folk art to the walls. Try using old lamps or wicker baskets or some industrial-style gadget. Here are some examples that can be inspiring.


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