50 Small bedrooms: decoration images and modern ideas

50 Small bedrooms: decoration images and modern ideas

Sometimes a small bedroom can feel more like a cave than a cozy haven. If a space lacks natural light, smart storage, and an adequate color palette, it can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. However, with the right techniques, even small bedrooms can be much more functional and larger.

If you are looking for ideas to achieve the perfect decoration of your bedroom according to your tastes and personality and at the same time you want to achieve a spacious effect, we show you a series of ideas and examples that can serve as inspiration.

Furniture in small bedrooms

As for the furniture, very low will be preferred, or on the contrary, they must be high to the ceiling, since both options do not detract from the height of the wall. Instead, a piece of furniture that reaches the middle of the wall, will make the ceiling seem lower.

If you have a large bed and the bedroom is tiny, it’s a good idea to forgo the rest of the furniture and let the bed speak for itself and fill the room.

Built-in shelf on both sides of the headboard

Built-in shelves in the wall where the head of the bed is located, can help to keep the space on the floor free, while providing great storage capacity. They can be more than more than 30 cm deep. The units here act as night tables and cabinets, eliminating the need for extra furniture. The inclusion of the bed in the middle of the shelf prevents it from invading necessary space. If you are going to use built-in furniture in a small bedroom, try to use the entire wall up to the ceiling to make it seem taller and more spacious. It is also a great idea to paint the back wall in a contrasting color to create a sense of depth and space.

This also adds texture to your room. Remember that if you live in a land of earthquakes do not put the shelves on your head, since everything will fall on you.

Multifunctional beds

A multifunctional bed can help create the illusion that the room is a small living room, rather than a small bedroom. This type of bed often brings storage underneath, another advantage for a small room.

Lighting in small bedrooms

The theme of the luminaire is not a minor detail either, since a dark room really looks very small.

Take advantage of natural light

Sometimes the only place available for a bed in a small space is in front of the window, thus blocking natural light, which helps to expand the spaces. If this is your case, you can choose a bed with a transparent headboard, as we see in the photo.

Hanging lamps

It is important not to take up space on the nightstand with bulky lamps, it is preferable to use pendant lamps. Take care to hang them low enough so that they do not disturb the person sleeping on the other side.

Colors for small bedrooms

The colors that are recommended to decorate this type of rooms are mainly light, since they increase the feeling of spaciousness in the space and generate greater luminosity.

Although if you want an intense color on the wall, a good option that will allow you to enjoy the color without visually reducing its size, is to paint with that color only the background wall and the others a lighter color. It is a very good trick, since it increases the feeling of depth.

In the event that your bedroom receives good light, you can paint it in a darker color, without artwork, simple, with curtains and a white bed becoming the center of attention.

Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls

Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can help erase the shadow lines that visually define a space. A white ceiling against a dark wall shrinks the space. When the walls and ceiling are the same color, it is more difficult for the eye to define the start and end parameters of the walls, creating the illusion of being bigger.


Using a mirror to duplicate the square footage of a room is a trick that has been used for centuries. In small rooms, this often means replacing closet doors with mirrors. The effect tends to work best when covering the mirror wall from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Another very good trick, which is recommended is to use mirrors in strategic places in the room, such as reflecting some light. They will see that they are the best allies to create a wider visual field.


Our room is our place to rest and relax, it is our space. It is essential that there is a bed and a lamp, the rest is not necessary so you can choose what to incorporate and what not. There are several options to choose a decoration style in a small space.

You can keep everything simple but add only one object that stands out, for example a colorful headboard or a fun rug.

Practical example

In the photo we see an example of a room before the change: clean, cozy and colorful, but the couple who slept here was feeling suffocated. Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help open up a space and give you the breath of fresh air that the people who live here need.

  1. Maximize space by using light colors, specifically on the wall. White is the best option, and in this room the white color replaced the previous gray color.
  1. Fool the eye with curtains on the window. As you can see from the image above, that window doesn’t cover the entire back of the room. But by adding curtains in a color similar to the wall paint, the space has been maximized by tricking the eye, creating the illusion of a much larger window.
  2. Change the furniture and accessories. A dresser was purchased, ceramic lamps were exchanged for new crystal lamps, some frames were changed, two shelves and a chair were removed, and the bedspread was replaced by another in bright white and navy blue.


From the photos that we leave below, you can extract more ideas to decorate a small bedroom, gaining in warmth.


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