Small dining rooms: 20 photos and decorating ideas

Small dining rooms 20 photos and decorating ideas

There are many tricks to decorate small spaces and make them appear larger, managing to improve their comfort and aesthetics. Next, you will see several tips for small dining rooms, which look fabulous and very modern.

Round table

A small dining room can be visually expanded, keeping the monochrome palette and furnishing with a round table and armless dining chairs. This green dining room feels airy and open despite the small space.


A wall of shelves in small dining rooms enhances the cozy feel and offers more space to make the dining area look more spacious and comfortable, as well as providing storage space without taking up much space.

Open shelves are often the best storage option in a small space, but you have to fill them with wisdom.

Benches built into the wall

Sidewalks built into the wall is a great option if you are short on space. Not only does it add seats, but the space under the seat can also be used for storage. Using the same upholstery fabric helps all the seats to be integrated into a harmonious set.

This classic combo makes highly efficient use of space. A corner is transformed into an elegant space to eat.

Try a non-traditional color scheme. This will make a small space feel fresh and cozy.

Long curtains from ceiling to floor

This is a widely used trick to enlarge small spaces. A curtain from ceiling to floor will make the space look bigger.


Thanks to the reflection of a mirror, the dining room can be seen larger. This is another of the most used tricks in decoration.


In small spaces, the use of light and bright colors is always recommended.

Table against the wall

You can also consider placing the dining table against the wall. This will make more space available for more comfortable and clear traffic. Also consider using folding tables and chairs.


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