Top 10 Christmas decoration ideas for your rooms (without a tree)

10 Christmas decoration ideas for your rooms (without a tree)

Christmas is upon us and if you have children at home no, you just can’t ignore it. Don’t you love the classic Christmas tree? Well, in addition to the many alternatives we have already presented to you, another system is to decorate the various rooms of the house with a theme!

But how to decorate the house for Christmas without counting on the classic tree? Here are 10 ideas for every room (yes, even the bathroom!)

The Christmas console

The classic console in the shabby chic version that many of us have at home (if you don’t have it, fix it!) Becomes even more beautiful when paired with a decoration for Christmas in shades of white and beige.

The living room with greenery and pine cones

The rustic living room with vintage-style chandeliers becomes even more beautiful adorned with lots of garlands and pine cones. On the table mini firs take the place of the classic Christmas tree.

The wooden panel

Lettering guides can now be found in any DIY store: just paint your panel white and let your imagination run wild!

Touches of red on the white

Santa’s boots

Alongside the plaques and mini trees, here is a revisited classic: Santa’s boots in a vase version!

Garlands and check touches

Minimal soul at extreme power? No problem, spruce branches are enough to decorate and create a maxi-garland and a check cover, which immediately makes Christmas!

The red gingham ribbons

They are bought in haberdashery, they bows everywhere! Look how beautiful the effect on the retro-style chairs is!

Fairy lights in the kitchen

The lights are the essence of Christmas and it takes very little, even if you have a tiny house, to create an atmosphere … Yes, even in the kitchen.

Christmas pillows in the bedroom

The white base of the bedroom lights up with Scottish touches in shades of red… Super cozy!

The magic of candles

Do you like candles? Look how beautiful this idea, which replaces the classic lights: transparent glass vases, white candles, wooden base.

The decorated staircase

If you have a ladder, this can really become the queen of the house at Christmas, because it lends itself to being dressed up as you see fit. I like it a lot with garlands and candles!

Christmas lights and motifs for the bathroom

Yes, the magic of light can also follow you in the bathroom. If you don’t like a lot of opulence, focus on simple LED lights, which do not even require a socket.



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