6 Decoration Trends To Reform The Kitchen


The kitchen reform is one of the projects that renovates the home and adds value to the property. There are different combinations in trend: the furniture that combines white and wood are very elegant. 

1- An island in contrast: the beauty of opposites

The distribution of an island-shaped kitchen has a special charm. In this way, this piece of furniture is the center of life in this room. An island is a versatile format that offers many possibilities. One trend that may inspire you is to choose an island that shows a contrasting finish to the ensemble. A chromatic contrast adds a groundbreaking touch to this room.

Gaining order in the kitchen is a common goal in a reform. And this furniture provides an extra surface to store different products.

2- Golden handles: the color gold arrives in the kitchen

There are so many different trends that you can select the ideas that you love and discard options that deviate from your personal taste. Handleless kitchen cabinets are all the rage, enhancing the minimalism on the front of the cabinets.

But the decoration in gold also triumphs. A gold color that adds an extra elegance to this environment. For this reason, the handles that put this decorative accent on the aesthetics of the furniture stand out. The golden hue can also be integrated through a tap with this finish.

The decoration of a kitchen located in a country house inspires well-being in a relaxing atmosphere.

3- Exposed brick wall: highlights the presence of the wall

Enhancing the decorative beauty of the walls is a trend that is triumphant today. Wall murals, for example, add an original creative universe to the center of home life. The brick walls, which extend to other rooms in the house, also dress the kitchen.

Just as the furniture with an aged effect is very current, this perspective is also visible in those brick walls that reflect the charm of the passage of time.

The aesthetic of a wall with a worn look fits perfectly in a room with new furniture.

4-Kitchens open to the living room: cozy and beautiful spaces

Each reform leads to a goal. And sometimes, the purpose of the property owner is to gain space through the concept of an open decoration. In this way, the living room and the kitchen are in constant communication: perfectly united but also differentiated. A kitchen of these characteristics reflects a lifestyle centered on this intimate environment. Many moments of family life pass there.

Open decor offers both advantages and disadvantages. If you want to make a reform in the coming months, take stock of the pros and cons to choose your preferred option.

5- Stools with blade-shaped backrest

There are different decorative details that personalize the decoration of a room. The doors of a furniture can show the shape of a blade. A design that also stands out on trendsetting stools with backrest. Comfortable seats to accompany the kitchen island or, also, to a high table.

6-Open shelves to gain more order

What furniture allows you to gain storage space in this room? The chosen furniture must adapt to the square meters available in this environment. Cabinets and drawers expand your storage capacity with open shelves. Shelves that give visibility to utensils that are visible.

The trends that are currently succeeding in decoration are very numerous. Therefore, look for inspiration to find ideas for an upcoming renovation.


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