The 5 trendy colors for interior decoration 2020


1- Mustard yellow

This color is ideal if you are looking for a pop of color and an alternative to gold. It gives character to the room as well as a warmer accent. If you are afraid to paint your entire walls with it, you can opt for a piece of furniture that will add some sparkle to the room.

2- Hazelnut nuances

When it comes to paint, hazelnut undertones never go out of style. In addition, they go wonderfully with your furniture, especially wooden ones.

Little extra: the different shades of hazelnut are ideal for bouncing the light and making a room appear larger.

3- Blue

Charcoal blue, ice blue, and gray blue are great choices when looking for paint colors that are out of the ordinary and are subtle enough not to overwhelm a room. Just make sure the shades you choose remain calming, and avoid heavy hues that would make a room appear smaller and darker.

4- Pastel tones

Pastel colors have a sober side and create a calming atmosphere. They are ideal for common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as they will additionally hide everyday marks and scuffs. In addition, the pastel tones create a warm atmosphere when you go for a minimalist design.

5- Dark green

This shade of green gives a luxury effect to your rooms, while recalling the soothing calm of nature. Interior designers recommend using this color for large, well-lit rooms, as its intensity can overpower small spaces and make them darker.


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