United dining room +25 photos and modern decoration ideas


Conjoined dining rooms became popular in the first half of the 20th century. While they are a fairly contemporary idea, it can also feel like a slightly dated concept. In modern 21st century life, especially in small houses and apartments, the kitchen is often seen incorporated into the living room, without the need for a dining table, with a raised kitchen island and sofas around a coffee table. It provides an open and social space for cooking and eating. But since we know that there are many houses that still retain this format, below we will show a series of decoration ideas for a dining room.

Still, while the kitchen can be the heart of any home, a large open space with a living-dining room can be a warm social hub perfect for eating, relaxing, entertaining and working, a space for the whole family and friends. However, the two halves are separate spaces, and must be defined.

Differentiated floors

One way to separate the two spaces in the dining room is by separating the floor. That is, either by using different coatings for each area or carpets, both areas can be separated.

You can maintain a single style and differentiate the imaginary passage from living room to dining room with small details, for example with the addition of a rug to the surface of the main table, or a small modification of the texture of the floor. It goes without saying that it is not advisable to have a modern-style living room and dining room with an eclectic touch, for example.

Different walls

You can also separate the two areas of the living room by colors, materials or wall decorations.

Many times it is also preferred that the passage from one to the other is determined by the texture of the walls. For example, you can have a smooth wall and the other with a different texture, be it stone, wood or some other material.

Use different colors

Another way to define both spaces is through the colors used in the decoration of the dining room. For example, you can use warm colors in one area and cool in the other.


Lighting can be used as a means of separation. For example, using pendant lamps above the dining room table and using other types of lighting for the living room can also be a great decorative trick.

The location of each one with respect to natural light, is left to the choice of each one according to what they think they use the most on a daily basis, whether the dining room or the living room.

Room dividers

Another way to separate both areas is through the use of room dividers, such as screens, open shelves or decorative wrought iron bars.

Today, functionality, practicality and comfort have been superimposed on those past ideas, and houses have been designed in which all spaces are combined into one.

The fact of having the dining room attached to the living room creates a single, more welcoming and much more functional and practical place. When you’re having dinner, you often want to make the table more relaxed and have tea or coffee. Having the living room a few steps away facilitates this without having to go through the whole house to go to another room.


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