Window decoration + 40 images and ideas easy and cheap

Window decoration + 30 images and ideas easy and cheap

Windows, if decorated with good taste and style, can become the true accent of decoration in our living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or office; since they can capture the visual interest of us and our visitors, while presenting us with the exterior landscape. That is why we present you several window decoration ideas, beautiful but without too much effort.

For this there are several elements that facilitate the task; standing out within them mainly beautiful curtains, partitions, blinds and frames in wood or aluminum, among others.


Betting on modern roller blinds that allow light passage slightly is one of the options that is gaining more and more ground, since they allow us to enjoy natural lighting even in privacy.

Window frames in a contrasting color with that of the wall, is another option that makes our windows a focal point without too much effort.

Adjustable Venetian blinds

Adjustable Venetian blinds of the passage of light are another option that stands out and that allows us, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, great functionality, since by regulating them we can have different degrees of lighting in our interiors.

Classic fabric curtains

Traditional curtains, if incorporated with good taste, can undoubtedly be one of the best allies to focus the prominence of our rooms on the window.

Window decoration with privacy film

This type of adhesive film, in addition to being decorative, provides privacy but lets sunlight through. They are a very cheap option, which can look really fabulous.

Window decoration with vinyl or stickers

There are infinite options to decorate the windows with stickers.

Hanging ornaments

This is another possibility. Hanging mobiles can add beauty to windows.

Craft: kaleidoscope

It can happen to us that some window in our home does not have a very beautiful view or we simply want to create an original and stylish window decoration. We show you an easy and cheap way to decorate a window.


  • Colored confetti
  • Cutter
  • Floating frame or frame, with glass on both sides

Papel picado is a decorative paper that is widely used in decoration. They have an elaborate cut and are available in a wide range of colors. It is thin paper that lets light pass through it and this makes it perfect for creating a kaleidoscope effect.

Step by Step

First you need a floating frame. These have glass in front and behind. You can create it yourself using two glasses of the same size. Use hooks to secure.

Then choose the colors you will use. You must choose three and look at them in the light to see if you like the color mix.

For example, this combination is the same as in the previous photo. First yellow, then purple, then green. The mix makes new colors appear, like red.

Start by centering the paper on the glass.

Then, with a sharp knife, you must cut the excess paper.

Then you must do the same with the rest of the chopped papers, close and secure.

Then place it on natural light and you will see the beautiful effect it achieves.

You can create another beautiful combination like this: light blue, yellow and purple.

In light, the result is unexpected.

Place both on the window and you will have a modern and well decorated window.

If you are afraid it will fall, you can hang it like a painting.


We all have at least one or two windows in our homes and with a little effort a simple window can generate a great visual impact from the outside. Here we show you beautiful window gardens.

In small spaces a window box full of flowers, vegetables, or herbs is perfect. You can choose to add color or create an edible garden taking advantage of the space. You must show your creativity, you do not have to choose the typical boxes of geraniums or petunias. For example, you can consider aromatic plants like lavender, heliotrope and Phox for when you open your window.

You must remember that the amount of sun that the window receives is important. If it is to the south it is better for drought tolerant plant vegetables, so that they are not constantly at risk. If you can’t add polymeric moisture crystals to the soil, they absorb water and release it into the soil as it dries. If your window is shaded, choose for example ferns, hostas or astibeles.

In addition you must take into account the style of your home to choose the planter, it must complement the style of your house or building.


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